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June 26, 2012

He’s the DJ, I’m the writer

This young site has already led to some confusion. It seems that somewhere out there is a person good looking, charismatic and plugged into the media enough to cause several people to believe that he is I and I am him, though, perhaps not slim with a tilted brim (Sorry Snoop). It just happens that this doppelganger is known to me. He’s my brother J Mac. So just so you know here are a few ways to tell who exactly you’re dealing with when you spot one of us in the wild.

Jon E. Garrett is 6-1, 230 pounds of sculpted muscle trained in the journalism arts at the University of Texas. J Mac is 6-2, 230 pounds of slightly less refined muscle with a 500-pound mouth trained in the art of communication at Texas Southern University, before receiving his verbal PHD on the streets of Houston.

Jon E. Garrett played football at the University of Texas. J Mac, ran home [allegedly] from football practice in seventh grade and never looked back on the sport. He, however, has been known to ball with the likes of Vince Young, Kenny Smith and Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles on the basketball court.

Jon E. Garrett has a deep voice and likes to write poetry, read the classics and listen to rappers who combine verbal dexterity with a smooth delivery and manage to infuse their rhymes with some social knowledge and or commentary. (He also lifts way more weight than Mac)

J Mac has a less-than deep voice, reads about CEOs, prefers speaking to writing and likes to battle rappers,while exhibiting nearly the opposite of those qualities listed above. ( He also hangs with John Cena for some reason)

For more on J Mac, the self-professed Freestyle King head to:


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  1. mae katy

    I can tell them apart…Jon looks a lil younger and cuter

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