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June 27, 2012

Black Helicopters

Today was the kind of day that makes me want to smoke cigarettes and hang out with Alex Jones, plotting to bring down the Bilderberg Group and occasionally swap theories on how we are all being brainwashed by Batman (seriously).

Instead of heading up to Dell Diamond tonight to see Derek Holland’s first start for the Round Rock Express as he works himself into shape to join the big boys in Arlington, or even writing the epic DJ Screw post that popped into mind in honor of it being June 27 (If you don’t know ask somebody), I headed down Highway 71 to Bastrop to help a friend. Tragedy ensued.

Whitey, The Ghost Rider, Sally Mae took a direct hit in the rear from a nice young radiologist, who shared a name with the singer of “Because the Night.” Yep, at just the tender age of five and with less than, 80,000 miles on her ticker – she is going to need corrective surgery.

Luckily, your blogging hero and his crew seemingly only escaped with minor injuries. Other than a police response reminiscent of something you might encounter in Mayberry, with Barney Fife at the helm and Andy on leave – and I mean a really unpleasant, unprofessional Barney – It’s all good.

So, if it pleases Mr. Jones I will take a rain check for now. I’m not ready to give into the voices yet. As for the rest of you – see you next blog.

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