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July 12, 2012

Steve Langham wants to change your body, life

When I’m not sidelined by the unexpected bumps in the road of life, most who know me

Would you believe the guy on the left is a senior citizen?

would classify me as somewhat of a gym rat. Maybe even a health nut, especially if they did not know about my somewhat notorious habit of downing a Taco Bell 10-pack every now and then. That said, I think I’m in pretty good shape for a guy who just finished celebrating a whole year of being qualified to be president (age-wise anyhow) in February.

I’ve got nothing on Steve Langham though. While, I’ve been laid-up the last three weeks fretting about not being able to push weight and worried that I might lose what’s left of my six-pack, the 70-year-old has been doing what he does best, inspiring others to get off their duff and be the best they can physically be.

“My objective is to take motivation, inspiration and fitness to the world as a spokesperson, but how to do that is still up for grabs,” said Langham, whose current crop of trainees in Houston include my older brother James (you can read more about him here). “I motivate people and inspire them all the time.”

It’s the kind of line any trainer worth his weight in barbels will spout out, but Langham lives it.


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  1. Awesome! May get my butt off of the computer and to the gym! What a rockstar!

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