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July 15, 2012

Langham walks his talk

Steve Langham,70, shows the form that helped him win the over 60 and over 70 Masters Men Bodybuilding divisions at the 2012 Branch Warren Classic Saturday.

A lot of you out there let me know how inspired you were by the story of 70-year-old bodybuilder Steve Langham earlier this week. So, you will be happy to know that instead of spending the weekend yelling at kids, “to get off his lawn!” He walked his own talk by going out and taking first place in the over 60 and over 70 Masters Men bodybuilding divisions of the 2012 GASP Branch Warren Classic.

Held in the Woodlands, Texas, at the Legends Sports Complex Saturday, the event featured over 200 male in female competitors of all ages vying for the top spots in categories such as bodybuilding physique, fitness, figure and bikini in front of 5,000 fans.

While, he lamented after the fact that he, “Could not beat those 50-year-old youngsters,” Langham has plenty to be proud of. After all most guys his age can barely lift themselves, never mind the massive amounts of weights he has to hone his body.

So, when you curl the next beer, mimosa or bite of food up to your lips today – I know what you people do on Sunday’s and it’s not just church! – make a toast to a man who will probably spend his resting, recuperating and eating egg whites and Cream of Rice.

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