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July 26, 2012

Houston named coolest city in country; Austin mopes at bar in skinny jeans

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve graced this site with some new content, but after

Houston radio icon J Mac celebrates Houston’s being named the nation’s coolest city to live in with a group of Houston Texans cheerleaders.

inquiries by my subscriber(s) earlier this evening, I decided to drop in to touch base. It’s a good thing too, because while most of my big interviews for this week were put on hold by my continuing saga with Geico as I recover from a crash last month – It’s just in time to give kudos to one of my two favorite cities in Texas. Houston, H-town, Clutch City or as everyone from out-of-state calls it, hot and humid was just named the coolest city in the nation by The website cited the cities’ 2.6 percent job growth last year, glut of young professionals (the median age of Houston residents is 33), art galleries and diversity in giving it the top spot. It’s a stunning accomplishment for a metro area that hasn’t always had the greatest profile nationally, outside of the Republican party, and one Dwight Howard (allegedly) would rather do just about anything than take a multimillion dollar contract to play there for a solid basketball team. As a Conroe, Texas, native who spent many of his formative years in the burgh 30 miles north – while the real “country” kids from Willis and Montgomery came to Conroe have the “most fun you can have with your boot’s on,” at Johnny B Dalton’s, I am happy for the home of Screw Tapes and the City of Syrup. I grew up a Rockets man, will be a Oilers fan till I die and the hip hop scene and soul food (of several ethnic varieties) trump anywhere else in Texas easily. However, I do feel a little pain for my adopted hometown of Austin, which struggled to place on the list – landing at 19 – much to the chagrin of the hipster mafia that has taken over the city and the rest of us too-laid-back-to-be-Texas types that honestly believe that it is one of the coolest cities in the world. It turns out we’re the fourth coolest in Texas. Dallas (4), San Antonio (11) and Fort Worth (13) all ranked ahead of the Capital City. If it’s any consolation we beat out Denver. Wait till those holier-than-thou, low environmental impact, tree smoking, microbrew drinking and alarmingly athletic vegan hippies hear about that.

America’s Coolest Cities via
1. Houston
2. Washington D.C.
3. Los Angeles
4. Dallas
5. Seattle
6. San Diego
7. Boston
8. Orange County
9. San Francisco
10. New York
11. San Antonio
12. Chicago
13. Fort Worth
14. Baltimore
15. Philadelphia
16. Oakland
17. Bethesda
18. Minneapolis
19. Austin
20. Denver

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