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August 10, 2012

Thug’s book offers sometime informative, always entertaining look at recession survival

Apparently one of the keys to making it through a recession is having an all female business staff.

I have never made it rain in a strip club. In fact I’ve never even made it hail. So, you might think it strange that I would seek financial advice from someone who has. Normally you would be right.Times are tough, however, and without a full-time job I’ve got a lot of that particular commodity on my hands recently. So, after hearing Houston based rapper Slim Thug talk about his new book of financial advice, “How to Survive in a Recession,” I decided to pick up a copy and see if he had any tips that could turn things around for an out of work writer.
It didn’t hurt things that the purchase would come courtesy of an Apple gift card that I received when I purchased my new MacBook Pro. If anything I figured Mr. Thug would appreciate my thriftiness. Paper is paper after all, and he is still getting his even if it’s not coming directly out of my pocket.
So, what did I get for my $9.99 plus tax (the print edition cost $14.99 and is 96 pages)? Forty-seven pages of eBook gold. Mr. Thug might not possess the tender touch with prose of say, Whitman, but what he lacks in technical merit he more than makes up with his voice as an author making his street smart advice on money, life and relationships a joy to read whether one finds it dubious or prophetic.
Here are some of my favorite jewels from what I like to think of as a treatise on life in the age of reality television shows like “Love and Hip Hop.”

Don’t take care of anyone over 18: “It’s just that mutha…… have to grow up – even your kids.”

Sex & Dating:
No matter how much you like a woman, don’t have a baby with her unless you plan to stay with her a long time. “Baby mammas are expensive.” Mr. Thug has first hand experience with this as he has three of his own.

Just because you can afford some s… doesn’t mean you need it or should get it. “Let’s say I have $8,700, I’m going to put the $8,000 up and take the $700 on to the next move. When you keep less money in your pocket, you move slower on s….”

Whether or not he is the black Suze Orman as he as professes to aspire to be in the book’s forward – think Susan Powter with a better haircut and a focus on finances instead of nutrition – remains to be seen. Mr. Thug does, however, provide an interesting and entertaining narrative replete with some common sense advice, a look into his own personal struggles and a blueprint for artist who would like to emulate the, ‘sell it out of the trunk’ success of his early career.
Don’t drive a Bentley on a Benz salary. Only buy clothes and houses that you can “flip” if need be, and if you have to go to a strip club be content to “make it drizzle.”
While not for everyone – Mr. Thug has some controversial opinions on abortion, women and well just about everything else – those seeking the rarest commodity in these hard financial times, a good laugh, may find it worth the read.




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