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September 13, 2012

Cowell, Spears talk X-Factor, beef with Beyonce and British accents

The second season of “The X Factor” premiered on Fox Wednesday night and helped the network take home a ratings win with 7.45 million viewers tuning in to the first hour of the debut and 9.49 watching the second.

Despite the solid numbers the show was unable to beat similar talent show  “The Voice,” which drew 10.7 million viewers going head-to-head with “The X Factor” in its first hour.

That aside – with pop princesses Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joining creator Simon Cowell and industry veteran L. A. Reid at the judge’s table – the show looks once again like a contender for top reality talent show. correspondent and Houston radio legend J Mac, of 97.9’s the Madd Hatta Morning show, was in Los Angeles for the premiere and sat down with Cowell and Spears to find out what Simon really thinks of  “The Voice,” Britney’s hidden talent, how Cowell ended his beef with Beyonce and what he thinks of the talent from Texas.

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