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September 19, 2012

Banks finally cashing in on life after misspent youth

The world is in turmoil. Religious riots, rising gas prices and replacement referees dominate the headlines. Billionaire Jerry Jones is rapping for pizza, and the NHL lockout threatens to drag Canada into a societal depression deeper than the one a chap might experience on a winter night in the Prairie Provinces with only a case of Labatt Blue for company.

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Throw in a presidential race that is polarizing this country, the push back of the return of McDonald’s awful, yet spectacular, McRib from October to December and the rise of Honey Boo Boo – and things might seem pretty grim.

But like the Dali Lama once said, or at least I assume he did because it was the first quote on the subject of his to pop up in a Google search, “I find hope on the darkest days, and focus on the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”

Today, wracked with sickness and disease the victim of Central Texas allergies and nasty flu in cooperation, I found my hope in the news that 26-year-old Brian Banks will sign with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League. Banks made the statement on his Facebook page Monday and the team confirmed it in a statement to the media Wednesday adding that it would hold a press conference Thursday to officially announce the signing.

So, what so inspiring about a guy four years older than most NFL rookies signing with a league that has only existed since 2009 and fields just four franchises?

Well, for one thing he will be finally fulfilling his dream of playing pro football, and while the 2011 UFL reported base salary of $5,000 a game more akin to what practice squad players make in the NFL, it is a lot better than the nearly nothing he earned over the last 10 years: five as a tenant of the California penal system and then five more as a convicted sex felon forced to wear a GPS unit around his ankle and barely able to find work a few hours a week at the docks.

On the surface it is a basic tale of redemption. The fact that he never committed the rape that led to his incarceration, however, and the story of his own perseverance, and the compassion shown by those that helped him prove his innocence and earn the shot in the first place that make Banks story so compelling.


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  1. Janie

    Hello Brian… Im up late this evening, or shall I say early. I would just like to say… Well done! God Bless you! Thank you for being an inspiration to me. You stood accussed to things that you were innocent of. The Lord sees all. Blessed are you. In the end we will all be found out. How blessed are you to be set free and your innocence be known to all while you still breathe. Romans 8:28 I’m excited to see what else the Lord has called you for to glorify His holy Name. By the way… Just caught the great news from Foxx News, San Diego.

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