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September 29, 2012

Wine, the final frontier, or how not to celebrate and be safe this weekend

Plenty of football left to watch this weekend and considering that alcohol has become a part of sports culture in America – when it comes to watching and enjoying games that means that means there is plenty of danger out there.

So, consider cautionary tale of one Alexander “Xander” Broughton this weekend before drinking a shot, tapping that next keg, shot gunning that tall boy or placing that hose in your butt.

Yep, you heard me right. Whether it’s for fun, lack of funds or just frat boys living up to stereotypes, so-called “butt chugging” is in the news again. Rather than describe the exact process one undergoes in giving themselves an alcohol enema, I will let you use your imagination, but thanks to Broughton’s alleged misadventures in the wee hours of last Saturday morning the scourge of the once mythic practice will soon be again at the forefront of the American psyche.

The 20-year-old University of Tennessee student was hospitalized just after midnight Sept. 22, with a blood alcohol level of .448, following a drinking game with fellow members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Injuries to his rectum led hospital officials to fear he had been sodomized initially but a statement taken by police from a fellow frat brother and other evidence has led authorities to determine that Broughton’s state was the result of a Franzia Sunset Blush wine enema done with rubber tubing.

The aftermath. Well, the fraternity has been suspended, Broughton and his family are denying the enema angle. MADD, overly concerned parents and school dance monitors have a new reason to rail against the evils of fermented drinks.

The winner. Well, according to Broughton’s dad Mark (and the police report) his son won the drinking game that night, though his version of it is vastly different from the one the police think happened and didn’t involve hoses.



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