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October 1, 2012

Police brutality in Philly caught on tape

Being a cop is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You deal daily with criminals, your life is often put at risk and every time you go to the bar with your friend who is a firefighter he seems to get all the love from the ladies and he doesn’t even own a gun.

So, it is understandable sometimes that a cop would be on edge. That’s after all what officers are trained for, to maintain their composure in extreme situations and sort them out rather than exacerbate them. But every orchard contains a couple of bad apples and a police station is no different. While, the majority of those sworn to protect us manage to accomplish their job with grace and civility – there is always that one guy who messes it up for everyone.

Sunday during the Puerto Rican Day parade in Philadelphia an unknown member of the city’s finest put the department in a bad light by falcon-punching a 39-year-old woman, after revelers in the crowd threw liquid and other objects in the officer’s direction. The woman left the parade in handcuffs with a citation and a split lip. The officer as far as we know is still on duty.

I’m not one to dismiss the safety of cops, and what they must do to maintain it, but police brutality is not something to take lightly either. After all if you if can’t trust the guys with the guns and the ability to put you behind bars, then we’re probably in trouble as a society.

Fortunately in the age of YouTube someone posted the video of the altercation titled “Philadelphia Police Brutality” Sept. 30 to the social network, and Philadelphia police have begun investigating the incident. Perhaps the officer had a legitimate concern, or there is another angle that we cannot see in the video. In the meantime it is good that his actions are at least being questioned and hopefully justice will be served.

In the meantime, think twice about throwing stuff at guys with guns in public who are trying to control large unruly crowds of people. Well, unless you’re in Canada.

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