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October 12, 2012

The Internet wants to buy the Bidenator a Trans Am

At least 275 people have invested in a crowdfunding campaign to buy Vice President Joe Biden a Trans Am, raising a total of $3,255 thus far on Indiegogo.

Like millions of others I watched the vice presidential debate last night, but between chores work and gearing up emotionally for the Texas-OU game – which has been known to make-or-break a year in my house – I had not put much thought into who won.

In fact I did not think of the debate all day until I was browsing the popular crowdfunding sight Indiegogo, checking up on those who contributed to an old project of my own, and looking for other new and interesting ideas when I came across one that literally had me doing a spit-take.

There topless and leaning up against a classic white Trans Am, which the picture implies he had washed or was in the process of doing so, was current vice president Joe Biden. Almost immediately I recognized the shot as being from a story in the satirical newspaper The Onion. I say almost, because by then I had sprayed a jet of strawberry lemonade onto my laptop and was frantically dabbing at my MacBook Pro, face contorted I imagine in an expression somewhere between the Joker’s smile and the makeup-accented frown of a sad clown.

Once I was sure that any threat of damage to My Precious had been averted, I checked out the project, titled Buy President Biden a TransAm to see if it were a joke – and found that while some Romney/Ryan supporters might want the Bidenator, one of the nicknames current senior Obama campaign adviser and former Whitehouse press secretary Robert Gibbs thrust upon him in the past to go away, there are at least a couple hundred people who want to send him wherever he goes in what some no-doubt consider to be the height of eighties style.

The campaign’s founder using the pseudonym JoeBidens Trans Am writes, “Help us raise $25,000 to buy Joe Biden a gift from the American people as awesome as he is… a vintage Pontiac Trans Am.”

Following a long, and amusing, as it is fictional, back story about Biden’s love affair with his vintage Trans Am, the reader finally gets to the heart of the campaign, which seeks to buy the veep a car he won’t be able to keep.

“… Joe Biden has calmly and quietly been an incredible Vice President. He was one of the first politicians to publicly embrace gay marriage and may have been personally responsible for President Obama coming out in favor of gay marriage and the subsequent change in the Democratic Party’s platform. He is also a stunningly intelligent politician who understands the nuance of foreign and domestic policy. He is also not afraid to show disdain for factually deficient arguments,” it reads.

“In order to let Vice President Biden know just how much we appreciate him, while also making a very silly part of the internet come true (we are the internet after all), let’s buy Uncle Joe a Trans Am like the one that is featured in the Onion article linked to above.

After the car is purchased the plan is to auction it and distributed the proceeds between the Biden Breast Health Initiative, Doctors Without Borders, the Wounded Warrior Project and GLAAD.

Whether or not you think the Internet should buy the vice president a sweet ride, or you would rather see him just drive off a cliff – it’s an interesting project. At least 275 people had already invested in it by publication time, raising a total of $3,255, and there are 47 days left to contribute.

Those wanting to show Paul Ryan a little love following the debate also have an option on the website, even if it is a bit more cynical.




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