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October 25, 2012

Saints fan makes the most of meeting with the commish

Saints fan “2009ring” uploaded this picture of himself with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to, following a SiriusXM “Town Hall” event Monday in which he asked about Bountygate, before sneaking this pose with the league’s top dog.

Some men are content to give up on their dreams, cash a paycheck and live lives of quiet desperation. This story is, of course, not about one of those sad sacks beaten down by the minutiae of life.  It is about a dreamer, one who dared defy the status quo – a legend.

When a New Orleans Saints fan that post under the name, “2009ring” on was chosen to be part of a SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “Town Hall,” Monday, and given the opportunity to ask NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a question, he made the most of his opportunity.

First he did what any Saints fan worth their salt and given a shot at the Commish would do and asked about Bountygate. He was not satisfied with the exchange, which is to be expected given Goodell’s unwavering condemnation of the Saints in the affair.

I was surprised they let me ask the question about the bounty evidence. However, I wasn’t surprised at Roger’s answer. He basically said that “we’ve been up front all along with the evidence (vomit), and we’ve put everything out there that we have (why the need for 5 sealed documents in court then Rog??). The part that frustrated me the most was the fact that I couldn’t respond to his response with one of my own. One point of note: I referred to Bountygate as “the Saints pay for performance situation,” in his answer he referred to it as “the pay for performance/bounty situation”. It’s clear he recognizes no line between the two.

It is what he did afterward, however, that will forever enshrine him in the annals of New Orleans’ fan lore.

During the event, I wore my white Deuce 26 jersey. Underneath I had a black “FREE SEAN PAYTON” T-shirt on. I didn’t want to risk any reactions to the shirt before or during the broadcast (there was NFL security EVERYWHERE). So, after the broadcast, I removed the jersey and put it in my bag. They gave us each footballs that Goodell signed for us. I held my football over the FSP part of the shirt until I got right next to Goodell. We made chit-chat for a minute then posed for the picture. At that time I lowered the football to my waist to fully expose the FREE SEAN PAYTON message on the shirt. They took two pictures of us together like that. I’m due to get it in 3-4 weeks, I’m not convinced it will show up. Either that or I’ll probably get fined or suspended for a few games for conduct detrimental or other BS

Yes, the magnificent bastard sidled right up to Goodell and made the statement so many other Saints fans and even some players have tried to get across by yelling and screaming, without even opening his mouth. No matter what you think of the Saints, Bountygate, Sean Peyton or Goodell it is a feat worthy of admiration. While other meeker men are content to defer their hearts desires “2009ring” would not have his dreams deferred. Right or wrong this fan was going to take a stand for his team and thanks, in part, to Goodell he had more than enough balls to do it.


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