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November 4, 2012

Bedtime books are no longer just for kids, humans

Oh Science, what can’t you do?

You’ve given us the ability to harness the power of electricity, stave off disease and even explore space. Truly you’ve made man’s brief epoch on this Earth infinitely more palatable, so I shouldn’t be surprised now that you’ve given us so much comfort that you now have turned to making the lives of our best friends easier.

Bleeding edge medical care, better chew toys and automatic doggie doors were just a tease. Now, thanks to your mighty powers our beloved best friends now have their own bedtime story. So what you say? Surely someone has read to a dog before.

Well, that’s true. There have even been books written for the enjoyment of dogs, but they’re nothing like Laura Quinn’s “Teddy and Stanley’s Tall Tale.” Developed with the assistance of the UK’s leading dog behaviorist Karen Wild – think Cesar Milan with an actual degree – the tale is scientifically designed to, “help calm your dog,” according to British insurance company More Than Pets which commissioned the book.

“She  (Wild) advised closely on the overall structure and the precise words and speech patterns needed to ensure the book would have a relaxing influence on dogs– pinpointing necessary changes in diction, length of sounds, volume, dog-friendly frequencies, pitch and tempo,” says the companies website of the book.

The book, which tells the story of a towering dog named Stanley and his small friend Teddy, can be watched on YouTube with your canine companion or downloaded. Renowned Shakespearean actor Simon Callow – who was eager to participate in the project because of his own personal experience – narrates it.

“Having two dogs myself I can understand just how terrifying the sound of fireworks can be to animals. I hope that lending my voice to the bedtime story for dogs can go some way to help petrified pups relax this bonfire night,” he said.

Also known as Guy Fawkes Day, the event which celebrates the survival of an assassination attempt by King James, features celebratory fireworks and the project was aimed at keeping dogs safe during the event which can put them under extra duress.

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