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November 6, 2012

UPDATE: Skinny the cat no longer so fat, still living large

While the rest might be on  edge pending the results of todays elections at least one fat cat is likely to feel frisky and fine no matter what the results.

Skinny the orange tabby cat found lazing about a Richardson, Texas, man’s yard Sept. 13, before being taking in by the local animal shelter has slimmed down from a whopping 41 pounds down to 37 after a month of rehabilitation at Dallas’ East Lake Pet Orphanage.

Under the supervision of veterinarian Brittney Barton, Skinny, who told Dallas television station CBS DFW that to get as big as he is, she believes he must have been brought up on a diet, unhealthy even by human standards.

“I suspect someone was probably sharing their pizza and cake and cookies and chips,” Barton said.

His new regimen of proper cat food and walking around his new home has been enough to burn some of the fat away, without risking straining the overweight feline’s system too much.

The cat’s figure, although still to heavy to be adopted, is not the only thing it has regained. When first discovered it was thought to be a neutered male, that was later amended to female at the Richardson shelter after going through his layers of fat but Barton, who admitted his sized made it difficult to determine his gender early on, that he is indeed a male – and apparently a very popular one.

Skinny who sill needs to drop about 17 pounds to be at a healthy weight for a feline his size has his own Twitter handle with nearly 800 followers and the orphanage, which frequently post updates on its Facebook site, has a signup list for people to volunteer to spend time with him.

It’s a big change for Skinny who was just 5 pounds and 15 ounces away from tying the record for world’s heaviest cat when he arrived at his new home.

Himmy an Australian tabby hailing from Cairns, Queensland, weighed in at 46 pounds, 15 ounces in 1986 and sported a massive 33-inch waste in 1986 according to the Guinness Book of World Records which has since discontinued the category.

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  1. I volunteer at East Lake Pet Orphanage part of my job is visiting with Skinney who is a very sweet and loveable cat. We watch his tv together while I pet him.

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