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November 7, 2012

Girl QB schools the boys at their own game

Now that the election is over it is time for this fractured nation to once again come together. Nothing unites Americans like sports, particularly football.

So, in the spirit of unity I present Sam Gordon.

Playing this season in the Gremlin age group, consisting of mostly nine years old, of the Ute Conference this whirling dervish from the greater Salt Lake City area rushed for  1,911 yards on 232 carries  and 35 touchdowns. Gordon was no slouch on defense either, racking up 65 tackles.

It was a great feat for any first year football player, but not unheard of. So, what makes Gordon so special? Besides the blazing speed she is also a girl. According to her father Brent who posted the video to YouTube, which was first picked up by The Big Lead, during tryouts she tested the fastest in every single speed and agility drill among the 172 kids in her district who tried out for the team. She ended up playing quarterback on a squad that only called running plays. If this video is any indication it was a very wise decision.

So, what does the future hold for this burgeoning football legend? Nobody knows. Right now, however, I think we can all watch and nod in agreement that it is pretty awesome to see how far football has come as a sport and we have come as a nation.

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  1. derp

    no way, this was photoshopped!

  2. How nice… YouTube has blocked the video…

  3. Sally Johnson

    ATTA GIRL!!!!

  4. Jon E. Garrett

    Found another version of the video since the old one was removed. Enjoy!

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