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November 16, 2012

Johnny Football says if you look good, you play good

By Shutterbug459 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Johnny Manziel is one busy guy these days. Between classes, practice and trying to lead Texas A&M to a BCS bid in its first year in the SEC – something that seemed highly unlikely before the season – it is a wonder the freshman quarterback even has time to catch his breath.

Add to that the fact that as of today the school kicked its Heisman campaign for Manziel into high gear with a dedicated website featuring a highlight reel of Manziel, who truly earned his nickname “Johnny Football” last weekend by leading the Aggies over then No. 1-ranked team in the country Alabama, and even with an on-paper powder-puff  Sam Houston State next on A&M’s schedule Manziel is no doubt locked in on his preparation.

As hectic as his schedule is though he, or whoever runs his Twitter account, did find some time to play it forward Friday and encourage an aspiring superstar on his own journey.

Justin Pelt is the quarterback of Central Texas’ Rouse High School. The Raiders were 2-18 in their first two years of varsity competition. His team scored five touchdowns Thursday night it its first playoff game to win 59-27 in Class 4A playoff action, with five different players reaching the end zone.

Manziel’s acknowledgement of his tweet and the response were a nice moment, even if it might be a manufactured one by the A&M athletic department. Manziel, like other freshman football players at the school, is prohibited from talking to the media. That could be a detriment to his campaign since all the other candidates will get plenty of time on the microphone and in front of the camera to tell their stories as the season winds down. Manziel will have to rely on his on-field deeds to tell his. So far he has done just that.

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