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Wine, the final frontier, or how not to celebrate and be safe this weekend

Plenty of football left to watch this weekend and considering that alcohol has become a part of sports culture in America – when it comes to watching and enjoying games that means that means there is plenty of danger out ther...
by Jon E. Garrett


Gatti’s gluten-free pie a pleasant surprise

Today was G-Day in Austin.  Nope, the city didn’t finally recognize me for my contributions to local culture, but one of its born and bred businesses did formally unleash its latest weapon in the pizza wars. Gatti’s Pizza,...
by Jon E. Garrett

This is too fresh.

Watermelon, chicken and the curious case of Chic-fil-A

I love chicken. Grilled, stuffed, sautéed, fricasseed and you better believe fried. You want to stereotype me for it? I don’t care. Give me a bucket of chicken and some watermelon on a summer night with a breeze and I’m a...
by Jon E. Garrett