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Kaling digs former Rocket Dragić, Beyoncé

If you don’t know who Mindy Kaling is now you will soon. is already calling “The Office” veteran’s new television show – which she writes, directs and starts in – the year’s best new comedy and lately s...
by Jon E. Garrett


Houston Texans Training Camp

The Williams boys are famous for their predilection for drinking and rolling smoke. We Garrett brothers have a family tradition of our own – pursuing journalism and entertainment excellence. In honor of the beginning of foot...
by Jon E. Garrett



Verizon’s 4G contest is in good fun, but charity is serious business

Look.  I love animals, and I’ve devoted a good portion of my career to kids. I want the best for both of them. Sometimes, though, Fido and Cindy Lou just have to play second fiddle. This is one of those times. I’m talking ...
by Jon E. Garrett

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He’s the DJ, I’m the writer

This young site has already led to some confusion. It seems that somewhere out there is a person good looking, charismatic and plugged into the media enough to cause several people to believe that he is I and I am him, though, ...
by Jon E. Garrett